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Cultivation and planting durian durian dilakukann by many farmers in Indonesia

Cultivation and planting durian durian dilakukann by many farmers in Indonesia , but to improve the quality of pertania we need more information about this position surrounding cultivation .
as we know the quality is pretty good durian and known wisata pulau pramuka  internationally , from the country of Thailand . But now many farmers in Indonesia can produce durian not less good in the appeal of other countries , because farmers durian in Indonesia now many use methods budidya way and how to plant durian durian well . The record of this time we will discuss how good durian cultivation in order to satisfy its quality .
Rainfall for maximum durian 3000 - 3500 mm / year and a minimum of 1500 - 3000 mm / year . Rainfall is evenly distributed throughout the year , with drought 1-2 months before flowering better than rain continues .The intensity of the sun is needed durian is 60-80 % . Durian newly planted in the garden can not stand the sun in the dry season , so the seedlings should be protected / shaded .Durian fit in the average temperature of 20-30 ° C at 15 ° C durian can grow but the growth is not optimal . When the temperature reaches 35 ° C the leaves will burn
Type durian requires fertile soil and rich in organic matter . Balance between the soil particles of sand , clay and dust so easily form crusts .Land suitable for durian is the type of soil and ondosol grumosol . Land which has the characteristics of a grayish black color dark , topsoil structure bebutir - grain , while the bottom clotted , and high water binding capability . And soil acidity beak for durian is ( pH ) 5-7 , with optimum pH 6 to 6.5 .
Durian including annual crops with roots in , then require soil water content to a depth sufficient , between 50-150 cm and 150-200 cm . if the water is too shallow depth of fruit flavor is not sweet but the plants will dry if too shallow .
The altitude
Altitude for planting durian should not be more than 800 m above sea level . But there is also a suitable durian planted in various heights . Land hilly or sloped fairly high unfavorable compared with flat land .
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Physical form a good seed should have genetic traits that good and does not contain the disease , after acquired new seeds we set good and healthy seeds by selecting the following :
1 . The shape , size and color to be uniform , if the seed is round everything should be shaped round ( no flat or oval ) , wisata pulau pramuka as did mean that we should all flat flat . The size and the color should be uniform , no bigger or smaller .
2 . Surface must be clean and shiny seeds . Nothing dirty or wrinkled . Sign wrinkled seeds are picked when the fruit is not old enough .
3 . Not mixed with hollow seeds and various impurities , such as soil , husks , grass seed , and so on .
4 . Water content is low enough and the seeds have been experiencing prolonged storage period until expiry .
Good seed traits that can be viewed directly at the time to buy. Good seed has good endurance , we can see how to select one seed by way of peeling them and then look at the institution and an adequate food supply for growing the agency to become a young plant . But there are also seeds Yaung already packed , it is difficult for us to check either its not the seed , even when they have a guarantee certificate . It does not guarantee a good seed completely .
Innervation seeds to seedlings as follows :
a. Original from parentb . Fresh and oldc . not wrinkledd . Not attacked by pests and diseasesSeeds and Seed Preparation
Durian Propagation can be done by means of generative ( by seeds ) or vegetative ( grafting , preparation or graft ) .
a. Procurement seed generative manner
Choosing seeds purely done by washing the seeds in order for the meat fruit stick regardless . The selected seeds are dried in the open , not in direct sunlight . Storage endeavored that do not germinate or damaged and sank his endurance . Seed ripening process is done properly ( by way of resting a few moments ) , within a period of 2-3 weeks sesudadh taken from the fruit . Once the seed is planted .
b . Seedlings by grafting
Requirements to be grafted seed derived from the seeds of a healthy and old , from the parent plant healthy and fertile , good root system and prolific , seed grown , selected the perfect growth . iklan PPC After the age of 8-10 months , by the way :

Under the bark is cut , just above the eyes ( ± 1 cm ) . selected buds within 20 cm of the soil surface .
Transverse incision is made , the skin peeled down along 2-3 cm so similar tongue .
Leather -like tongue cut into 2/3-nya .
Insert " eye " which is taken from the mother plant to the stem ( sliced ​​shaped shield ) between the skin . After completion of grafting , 2 weeks later in eyeshade check whether or not the green shoots .
When it is green , it means that grafting is successful, if the chocolate , then grafting fails .
c . breastfeeding
• Model stab or implant
Plants candidate scions split half toward the bud . Long hemisphere between 1 - 1,5 cm measured from the top . Plant rootstock candidates should have a diameter equal to the upper trunk . Editorial candidate rootstock is cut and removed, then sliced ​​up pointy . Part of the pointed rod is inserted into the upper parts of the candidates that have been prepared . In order for candidates scions that had been prepared . So potential rootstock is not easily separated , the connections must be firmly tied with raffia rope .
During the time of the preparation of the rod should not be shifted together . Thus, the plant rootstock should dusangga or tied to the parent plant ( plants batabg large ) so as not to waver after grafting . Dairy products should be watered in order to stay alive , usually , after 3-6 months the plant can be separated from the mother plant , depending on the age of the jasa seo plant stems disusukan . Young plants are already hard wood can not be separated after 3 months . Splicing implant models or puncture can be more successful if applied on a young plant stems or not hardwood .


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