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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Plant growth upright, strong, and uniform.

Milky F-1 (Cauliflower)
Plant growth upright, strong, and uniform. Flower-shaped dome and compact. White flowers with a diameter of 8-9 cm and 8-9 cm high. Weight 500 grams flower heat resistant, so it can be planted in the middle latitudes (400-800 m asl). Harvesting can be done at the age of 50-60 days after planting. Potential production of 15-17 tons per hectare.

4. Luna F-1 (Cauliflower)
Strong and uniform plant growth. Flower-shaped dome, compact and not hairy. Ivory white flowers with a diameter of 10-11 cm and 10-11 cm high. Weight flower 900-1000 grams. Suitable for planting in the highlands (1200-2000 m asl). Harvesting can be done at the age of 60-70 days after planting. Potential production of 25-30 tons per hectare.

C. Seed Preparation

1. Seeding Seeds

     Needs 250-300 grams of seed per hectare.
     Prepare the seedling medium with the following composition.
     - Sterile soil: 2-3 parts
     - Manure mature: 1 piece
     Mix the soil and manure, laluayak using sand sifter.
     Prepare "bumbungan" seedling, which is a kind of polybags but made ​​from banana leaves. The need for nursery 34000-35000 bumbungan fruit / ha. Here's how to make bumbungan.
     - Cut the banana leaf width of 5 cm.
     - Wrap the banana leaf hemisphere with a diameter of 4-5 cm, and then pinned to a stick to form a "tube" with a diameter of 4-5 cm and height 5 cm.
     Prepare nursery beds with a width of 100 cm and a height of 15-20 cm. On the sides of the beds in lengakapi the barrier of bamboo or wooden slats. Nursery should be open, easily supervised, away from the distractions of animals, such as chickens or dogs.
     Arrange bumbungan in nursery beds while filling seedling media into bumbungan.
     The day before the planting of seeds, seedling media in bumbungan watered Agrobost solution at a dose of 1 ml / l up to the bottom bumbungan moist.
     Planting the seeds one by one in the middle of the media bumbungan sequentially from end to end so that nothing is overlooked.
     Hoard bumbungan media surface with a layer of 0.5 cm thick seedling media.
     Close seedbed surface with sack, leaves linings, atauplastik for 3-4 days or until the seeds germinate.

JOKIBET.COM Agen Casino Online Terpercaya2. Care Nursery

     Buyka cover the nursery if the seeds have been germinated. Flush regularly to keep the medium moist seedbed.
     At the age of 15 days, pour solution at a dose of 1ml Agrobost / l of water.
     If found penyakitr attacks dumping off a wet spot on the base of the stem which causes the seed fall, seed fungicide Benlate spray at a dose of 1 g / l of water atauOrthocide with a dose of 3 g / l of water.
     Moving to cultivate seedlings (transplanting) after a minimum of three strands of true leaves, or 23-28 days old.

D. Preparation of land

     Remove weeds and previous crop residues from the field.
     If the soil pH is less than 5.0 did liming minimum 1 ton per hectare. As a benchmark, to raise the soil pH one point needed 2 tons of agricultural lime (dolomite / calcite).
     Plow or hoe to turn and break up soil aggregates soil.
     Create a simple raised bed in advance with width 90 cm, height 17-20 cm, and 40-50 cm wide ditch.
     Apply the first EMP technology with a dose of 2 liters per 400 Agrobost liters of water per hectare. Spray a solution of EMP on the left and right sides of beds (will row crops). When EMP applications, preferably in moist soil.
     Minimum three days after the application of EMP technology, perform basic fertilization with reference to the following dose.
     Spreading manure on the left and right side of the raised bed, then stir in the ground while breaking up the soil beds.
     Mix into four chemical fertilizers (Urea, ZA, SP-36, and KCL), then stocking as soon as possible on either side of the beds, as well as manure.

Stir fertilizer into the soil.
     Refine beds by digging ditches and stockpiled soil surface to the top of the beds (3-5 cm thick) beds tiggi up to 20-25 cm.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Pingpong Longan Longan is a type that has a size large

Pingpong Longan Longan is a type that has a size large enough to be equated with ping pong balls, meat medium, large seeds, sweet, bubbling is not as dense Longan Diamond River. Longan Diamond River has a smaller size than Longan Pingpong, thick flesh, small seeds, sweet taste, the fruit is more dense than kelengkeng Pingpong.
Agen Bola IndonesiaLongan varieties Pingpong and Diamond River, according to some literature, can be planted in wet climates, rather wet and temperate, with rainfall between 1500 mm-3000 mm per year. In addition Pingpong and Diamond River longan, litchi there are also other varieties that are adapted to the lowland climates, ie: longan Itoh or Edaw. This type is known as longan Bangkok Super. Longan fruit has the size of a ping-pong ping-pong ball that is equal privilege. Longan varieties from Vietnam pingpong area around the Mekong delta and southeastern parts of Vietnam known as Xuongcomvang. Like his brother kelengkeng kind Diamond river, the pingpong Longan is native to tropical regions. This is what distinguishes the Itoh (E-daw) which is a subtropical plant.
Longan pingpong memilikiki several advantages when compared with other kelengkeng so it is suitable to be cultivated. In addition to growing in lowland longan fruit pingpong has a large size of ping pong balls. From the age of longan fruit can quickly ping pong at age 1.5 years old can begin to bear fruit. When other fruits on average once a year to bear fruit, longan fruit can pingpong more than once in a year. Arguably Pingpong Longan fruit with not knowing the season because the fruit can grow from the branches alternately. For urban communities that have limited land, longan pingpong can be grown on less land, even in medium pot. With some of these advantages make longan pingpong be sufficient mengiurkan agribusiness potential.
There are actually four types of longan is suitable to be planted in the
Agen Bola Tangkas lowlands are Pingpong Longan, Longan Diamond River, Longan Longan Crystalline and Itoh. Longan Longan Diamond river is coming from China while the Crystalline and Itoh Longan from Thailand. In terms of size Longan fruit has the greatest size and age the most fruitful short.

When this has been a lot of people who do longan cultivation ping pong, anyone doing pingpong longan cultivation and collection only as a hobby course, there are indeed serious tetapin at it as a commercial enterprise. One who pursue pingpong longan cultivation as a business venture is Mr. Suroyo Hadisaputro, he is Chairman of Farmers Group Superior Seed is located at Rt 02 Rw 01, Village Pecan Purworejo Paitan District of Central Java Tel. 0275 333 9789 Hp. 081 2271 4666 4. Pingpong longan seeds sown and cultivated a variety of sizes.
The seedlings obtained from trees planted in Magelang breeders originally from Vietnam. Now Mr. Suroyo already sells longan seeds to various corners of the country. Buyers besides come directly and buy anywhere there is also asked in between until the destination. Until now Mr. Suroyo always flooded with orders longan seeds. Price pingpong longan seed varies considerably depending on its size, for example, to the size of 15 cm to 20 cost 20 thousand
Roller Blindsto that derived from seeds originating from grafting while measuring 60 cm at 30 thousand. The advantages of grafting seedlings is faster than seedlings from seed to fruition, so the more favored buyers.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Sources: Marine Aquaculture-Lombok, NTB. 2005

Sources: Marine Aquaculture-Lombok, NTB. 2005Water quality factors shall not constitute an obstacle if the area is an area of ​​grouper culture. Another case in the new location, there should be an approach to the measurement of water quality parameters as well as the action that is both simple test if it does not have a water quality measuring device that is by maintaining some tail shells of abalone in the area, at least Agen Judi Bola Resmi Taruhan Judi online Terpercaya bout 2-4 weeks ( about 1 month), and the parameters measured were able to survive and eat the feed given. It will serve as a benchmark that the site has been able to support the cultivation of abalone shells.3.3. Design and KnstruksiDesign and construction should be designed in such a way to form a proper construction for the cultivation of abalone shells. Things to consider is the strength of construction, durability and cost of construction. We could have made a very sturdy construction using strong materials, such as stainless steel (staenless), but the cost should not little. For entrepreneurs who have substantial capital, it is not a problem but for the people who earn pretty sure this will be a problem.At KJA more identical method on water in a protected location, in the sense that instead of the open sea and shipping lanes. Design and construction KJA generally the same, but are often made of different sizes. This certainly tergantug on the capacity of the make.The materials for the framework as well as the raft floats used also KAISARBET.COM AGEN BOLA TERPERCAYA PIALA DUNIA 2014vary, but the principle is the same, namely to preserve life to be able to obtain adequate results. Such as, the use of the framework of bamboo or wooden raft. The most important thing in choosing a raft of construction materials is strength, resistance to water (does not easily rot) and the affordable purchase price. Similarly, the use of buoys, such as drums painted stainless steel, or plastics drums of material wrapped strofoam, but in principle only to float cage. In selecting and determining the number of buoys must take into account buoyancy or weight-bearing capacity of the heavy load carried and so it is not easy to sink.

Figure 7. Kermba Construction Floating Net (KJA)The raft which had been finished and ready should immediately be placed in locations that have been selected. The initial step is the placement of a raft of most anchor placement in advance and after the raft to the location of cultivation, other anchors may be placed at a predetermined position.Placement of the first anchor portion intended as a starting point the position of the cage while the other anchor as a regulator of the direction of the cage. Cages to be installed if more than one unit, the position or direction of the cage should be opposite to the wave direction, aiming to avoid the blows of the surface area.  Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik TerpercayaAs with the installation of 1 unit cage in a location, this consideration does not need to be done. placement of the cages for some units can be seen in the image below:

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Huuriyey oo sidoo kale loo adeegsaday

Huuriyey oo sidoo kale loo adeegsaday in lagu dhimo sonkorta dhiigga. Cun 5 ilaa 30 garaam halkii cuntada (saddex jeer isticmaal maalintii; subax, duhurkii, iyo habeenkii). Huuriyey oo hoos u dhigi kartaa cadaadiska dhiigga, kordhiSARANA99.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYAnayaa dareenka insulin, iyo hoos u dhigtaa kolestaroolka, oo ku salaysan natiijooyinka daraasaadka dhowr. Suurtagalnimada arrintaasi soo baxdo sababtoo ah content ay buunshuhu ku sarreeyaan ee hulbah. Hulbah kale oo ku jira acids amino in ay kordhin karaan wax soo saarka ee insulin (xukunto sonkorta dhiiga ku jirta dadka qaba sonkorowga ama macaanka).

Sida loo Kor Naasaha leh la huuriyey ama Hulbah ama la huuriyey.
- Mid ka mid ah qaado oo isku darkii la huuriyey oo biyo diirran, ka dibna walaaq galay kariimka, markaa ka dib codsi ku saabsan naasaha iyo duugis muddo 20 daqiiqo ah. Markaas maydh biyo diiran.
- Huuriyey oo nus qaado shaah ah isku darka ay la 1 koob oo biyo diirran (ku dari kartaa malab). Cab 3 jeer maalintii.

- Dumarka uurka leh oo aan kula taliyey inuu wax cuno hulbah, marka laga reebo inta lagu jiro foosha; si ay uga caawiyaan kicin iyo dedejiso habka aad dhasho. Agen Judi Poker dan Domino Online Terpercaya Indonesia- Huuriyey oo xoqin, laguma talinayo inay maaskaro maqaarka wajiga.
- Huuriyey oo haddii ay wada baabba'aan doonaa daawooyin kiimiko ah soo saaraha, la doorbidayo ilaa 2 saacadood selisihkan isticmaalka. Sababtoo ah la huuriyey oo hoos u dhigi karaa isla oggolyahay ee daawooyinka kiimikada saaraha.

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Dalagyada Annual, siman lehba, taagid, illaa 1 m dheer, xooggan soo urayo, sida ciidda ah si caddaalad qoyan iyo humus ciidda hodanka ku ah, koraa duurjoogta ah ee kaynta iyo beeraha ku. noocyada si caadi ah u koray in jardiinooyin guriga sida geedka daawo. Argyi levl Artemisia. et. Tusta. Dhirta Kuwani waa ilaa 3,000 m heerka badda, waxay ka timaaddaa Shiinaha. Warshad Tani waa Nagaar semi-qaadkiisii, branching badan, godan iyo dhogor. Caleemaha qaabeeya-Round-ukunta leh menjari share gees tip aan wadno, labada siman dusha caleen lehba. Midabka caleenta cagaaran, xagga hoose ee midabka cad ee, beddelid fadhiisanayso. Interest waa danta xarunta, yar oo, tuur-qaabeeya iftiin midab huruud ah qabanqaabiyaa JUDI POKER, AGEN POKER, AGEN SITUS TARUHAN BANDAR JUDI POKER ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA taxane ah oo panicles qaabeeya in koraan hoos, out of caleemo kilkilaha iyo dabasocdaa dhamaadka. Faafinta waxay noqon kartaa by gooyn ama miraha.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Once the enclosure is built, the next step to prepare

  Once the enclosure is built, the next step to prepare the bird breeders Murai Batu. Look for adult male and female birds are ready to mate and healthy. Price Murai Batu pair that is ready to mate ranged from 2.5 to 5 jt jt rupiah rupiah. A bit pricey indeed, but with proper maintenance can be directly productive birds.
Agen Judi Online    Eggs incubated mother for two weeks. Puppies maintained its parent birds usually left up to the age of about one week. At that time, puppies bird is considered to be able to digest the food itself and the feathers were already grown. Puppies ready bird then separated from its mother.
Puppies are usually given tangkar bird ring on his feet. Then, puppies are kept in separate cages. Keep in intensive care so that the birds do not starve puppies, sick, or even die. To reduce the risk of death of birds tillers, cultivators usually give babies extra vitamins, and heated enclosure.
While the parent, after separated from her child, would soon spawn usually after about one or two weeks.
How Raising Murai Batu, Murai Batu breeding, breeding Murai BatuGrowing Business Opportunities Murai Batu Bird very good prospects as well as voice booms melodious humming bird stone also has a fairly high resale value. Each of the tail-old male magpie 1 week, priced at Rp 750 thousand to $ 1 million, this course is a hefty price for a small bird. This is what makes The Growing Business Opportunities Murai Batu Bird outlook is very promising.
Most breeders have experienced this, breeders stone magpie eating their own eggs, can broodstock breeding males or females, many causes that could be a determinant of the occurrence of which I have ever investigated:

Taruhan Bola Online1. Broodstock age is too young yet so mature for production. Mated risks are still too young breeders, the breeders usually tends to be unstable and immature to take care of the child.
2.Indukan entering estrus too fast after laying process occurs. This is usually common in male breeders, male breeders were too lust tends to randomize ngacak nest and peck eggs, separate the males TSB solution and reduce EF and other factors that trigger lust as in away from females, reduce drying etc. so that when in Match the lust will be in control. If the female is too fast breeders lust usually reluctant to incubate the eggs and tend to peck the eggs as well.
3. Existence of predatory bu
Agen Judi Bolallies. Lots of nuisance animals that frequent visits to the nest MB including the Red Ants, Lizard, Lizard / Bengkarung, mice and cockroaches sometimes even kodokpun often get into the cage MB although not up

Friday, June 6, 2014

Maintenance performed includes (1) irrigation

Maintenance performed includes (1) irrigation / watering, especially in the early phase of seedling growth (1-2 times daily) or depending on the state of soil and climate, and preferably in the morning and evening, when the soil temperature is not too high; (2) Stitching: for seeds that do not grow or decay, at least 5-15 days after planting, so that the growth of seedlings can be uniform embroidered with seed that has been grown in advance; (3) Weeding: to get rid of weeds, at least 3 months after planting or grass growth depends on the circumstances; should also be done at the time of weeding (3) scarify the soil; Fertilization aftershocks: (6 monRoller Blindsths after planting) with a mixture of NPK, to improve plant growth before the flowering tuberose.Garden plot age 2 months.
Garden plot age 2 months.
Tuberose plants are flowering.
Tuberose plants are flowering.
Flower stalks of water-soaked night after picking though still fresh.
Flower stalks of water-soaked night after picking though still fresh.
Ahead of the tuberose flower picking.
Ahead of the tuberose flower picking.
At that time we were also taught the manufacture of plant seeds for the next planting period. To note tuberose plants propagated vegetatively by using the tuber. We were invited to go to the house where the kitchen above the ceiling roof rack that are found to be used for hoarding bulbs. So from the parent clump of old-old (> 2 years), bulbous many, healthy and productive flowering, was chosen as the parent plant induk.Rumpun dismantled using tools or leftovers or
Agen Casino Online fork hoe or other tool, then dumped the whole leaves , cleaned the parent clump of roots and soil still attached. Furthermore tubers stored and left in the shade and in the container or winnowing strategic evenly over the kitchen as long as 1-3 months to appear bulbs sprout and are ready to be planted. The purpose of drying the bulbs on top of the kitchen stove to germinate is to obtain a uniform growth of seed tubers / evenly.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Many types of basil that is grown locally is not

Many types of basil that is grown locally is not yet clear type names / varieties . Look quite lush plants . Light green colored leaves . White flowers less attractive . When the flowering dibiarkari less leaf growth and plant tends to get old and die easily .

Basil ( Ocimum canum ) is more often us  Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercayaed as a salad . There also are used as a mixture of certain vegetables . This vegetable has a fragrant aroma and distinctive taste . Not many farmers who seek basil in a large scale , the only piece of land only. This is because the value of commercial vegetables basil is still low .

Terms Growing
Basil does not require complicated requirements grow . It can be said all regions in Indonesia can be planted basil . Clearly the soil is acidic . Basil is also tolerant to hot or cold weather . The difference is only a result of climate tanacnan slightly different appearance . Planted basil leaves in cold regions is wider and greener . Medium basil leaves in a hot area of small , thin , and pale green colored .
Cultivation Guidelines
Basil seeds propagated by seeds . Seeds obtained from the ripe fruit on the stem of basil . Old seed traits that are colored - black and dry . Basil seeds should be sown before planting. Nursery ground for processed until crumbly . Mix with a little manure . If the soil is too sticky add sand . Then sprinkle the basil seeds and cover with a thin layer of soil . Take care of the plants that have been grown in the nursery . Plants that are too tight is reduced . Unplug the growth of plants that are weak or interrupted . After about 4 weeks old the young plants can be moved to the land already . Basil seed requirement for planting one hectare of land about 2-5 kg . Planting basil is usually grown in beds - beds . Sized beds with a lengt Agen Judi Poker dan Domino Uang Asli Indonesia h of 1-1 m in the size of the land . Before planting , the beds given manure . Made between beds 35 cm wide irrigation ditch . Basil plant spacing is 50 x 50 cm or 60 x 60 cm . Make a small planting hole , which is important young plants can go in and not crowded .