Thursday, April 17, 2014

Well , this time I will discuss in detail about the ways

Well , this time I will discuss in detail about the ways or tips for our blog visitors crowded and many who left a trail / comments :

Content , only to repeat it, these factors make the power of your blog to go ahead , do not mind the look or the ' beauty ' blog , consistent only with regular writing articles that are useful to the reader and to be interesting , because that is what is needed to bring in traffic and visits , because we use the template ' default ' of bloggers though , if we routinely write a good article , search engine robots will love our blog .

Backlinks , backlink in Indonesian means backlinks or link towards link our blog . Actually , without us knowing , these factors ' enough ' affect the strength Bandar Terbesar Situs Togel Online Terpercayaof the corresponding result of our blog in the search engines , but in building backlinks there are some things we need to consider , seek quality backlinks from sites with high PR and fairly well-known ( famous ) , the high quality backlinks a site that will give us the better , because it does not directly search engine robots will quickly know the existence of our blog and ' download capnya ' with a good reputation because it is connected with a lot of quality sites . Besides, now I will give you a pretty good trick to get quality backlinks , by commenting on the blog with bravejournal platforms , such as , which ends with . , like blogspot . Bravejournal platform is the platform of Korean ginseng country , and almost all bravejournal blog is dofollow , so we will be more easy to embed quality backlink on the blog without having to buy a link 'pay -links ' .

SEO , seo talk about blogger friends probably already in the know? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which means search engine optimization . In order for improve seo , a lot of factors that will influence it , such as a good template structure and not a lot of the error ( error check blog : ) , good structure and meta tags ' not ' confuse robots in indexing the article , can read previous dipostingan Meta Tag SEO Best Version Farhan Share. As before we discuss the structure of a good template , use the template seo friendly , simple display nan attractive , and easy loading , so visitors and robots will be more like our blog with a simple display , no page loading his weight , and covers the entire HTML code seo factors , such as the use of tags H4 , H5 , and H6 , for seo templates can be downloaded in .

Directories and Social Bookmarks , these factors may be just a ' little ' different or similar to build backlinks . Now this on the Internet lots scattered social bookmarking sites and blog directories with high PR , so we can use it to simply ' check' backlinks leading to your blog , because that's the purpose of the directory and social bookmarking made ​​. In addition, the usefulness of social bookmarking is to boost the ranking position with the help of our article their site , so from the link to the site will be directly connected with the bookmark url address of our articles , so this could also be one solution to bring visitors to the blog . Actually quite simple once you use is submitting your URL to article social bookmarking sites and search engines will be ' more' fast - clicking the index , because they have a high PR . Some directories and social bookmarking sites that I recommend are , among others : , , , , and . And other directories is , this site has a PageRank of 7-8 ( very good ) , but it is not easy blog to go into that directory , because many requirements that must be fulfilled , however, there is no salahnyakan try ? please register on the site .Frenzy after the commission of the PageRank update by Agen Poker Domino Online Indonesia Judi Uang Asli

Google on December 6, 2013 , has seized the attention of users and inhabitants of the virtual world . I found quite a lot of controversy among the bloggers opinion of the actions of the update. What actually happened and the extent to which the benefits of Google's PageRank interest to increase the ranking of a blog / site on the internet ?


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