Friday, April 4, 2014

Unggui ALBUMINTM (Ophiocephalus bankanensis)

Unggui ALBUMINTM (Ophiocephalus bankanensis), flat round body shape. The body is brown dorsally, while the lighter belly. Its length can reach 25cm. rawa2 live in murky watery. The food consists of small fish. Found in Sumatra and Borneo.
Here are also some curse Fish Species:
Based on the reference of 2. Fish Spawning Cork Spawning is done in concrete or fiberglass tubs. How, to prepare a concrete tank size of 5 m long, 3 m wide and 1 m high; dry for 3-4 days; inputs as high as 50 cm of water and let it drain for spawning; as a spawning stimulus, input water hyacinth to cover most of the surface of the tub; input input 30 breeding females; input is also 30 breeding males; let
Gudang303 Agen Bola Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Jelang Piala Dunia 2014 spawn; grab the eggs with finely sekupnet; eggs ready for hatching. To determine the spawning is done every day control. Eggs are floating on the water surface. One breeding female can produce as many eggs 10000-11000 grains. 3. Incubation Hatching eggs done in the aquarium. How: prepare an aquarium length 60 cm, width 40 cm and height 40 cm; dry for 2 days; water contents as high as 40 cm; two pairs of points aeration and turn during hatching; Similarly tide water heater temperature up to 28 ° C; input density egg with 4-6 butir/cm2; let it hatch. The eggs will hatch within 24 hours. Until two days, the larvae do not need to be fed, because they store food reserves. 4. Maintenance of fish larvae Cork
Maintenance done after 2 days the larvae hatch until the age of 15 days, in the same aquarium with a density of 5 fish / liter. Excess larvae can be kept in another aquarium. At the age of 2 days, the larvae were fed with frequency naupli 3 times a day. From the age of 5 days, the larvae were fed an additional form of daphnia 3 times a day, to taste. To maintain the quality of water, do penyiponan, by removing impurities and residual feed and replace with new water as much as 50 percent. Penyiponan done 3 days, depending on water quality.


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