Sunday, February 9, 2014

It turns out that in this world , not all women like men

It turns out that in this world , not all women like men . Togel Singapura | Togel China | Togel Sydney | Togel Cambodia
Although women are beautiful as an angel , still can make men do not like it . What gives ? Of course because of the attitude of the woman who is considered the man does not deserve undertaken by women , especially beautiful women . This article will discuss some of the attitude of a woman who is not liked by men , so the women vigilant .Cavalier attitude and crazy treasure
Is your partner a king's son , a child entrepreneur or a conglomerate ? If not , you should not act like the attitude of people who are already rich . Indeed, many men are willing to spend a little money to a woman who is not liked. However, if they pretend to continuously erode property or pretend cosmopolitan as Paris Hilton , there will be no man who is able to survive with this attitude . Hi ladies , do not be too dependent on him , try to be independent and organize your shopping itself . It is better for you and respectable while still in a relationship romatisme .Passive level gods
Men really like girls who have manners and can carry themselves . But that does not mean women should be passive in all respects . Sometimes men also liked that the woman who started an action , especially positive . A woman 's worth is quite active but not aggressive in any way. Too passive will make him tired and eventually left her .Plumbers control and command
Do not be a bodyguard for a man . Quite simply watching them from a distance only. Curb every movement and activity of man is not necessary. All men would not like it if they were restrained and will cause resentment in silence . How to keep a man is to love , not with strict controls on its activity .Complaining about her own body
It is most frustrating for men . If men could only choose to run 32 km or a woman who complained about her body , she will choose to run alone . Why ? This is because men hate faced with a dilemma . A woman who complained her body would be angry and sulk if we tell the truth. But will accuse us angrily lying if we said that is not true . Well , not bad , right ? Generally it is always repeated all the time , especially typing look nicer woman whose body thereof .Excessive in dress
Most men do not like a woman in a dress exaggerated . Men prefer women who have natural beauty and dress perfunctory . Besides the cost is not expensive , women who dress up as necessary to have a beauty that is not easy to fade for many years. In any event they will stay beautiful . Plus, men do not like women who dress up waiting for Judi Poker Online Uang Asli Indonesia
his name . It sucks all.Tells about another man
Never praised another man in front of your lover , lover unless you first discuss and give praise to him . Without you knowing it , you hurt your lover man that you feel more like the man you praise than he . He was hurt on every compliment you give to another man .
Similarly, our brief discussion about some of the pasang iklan baris attitudes that women do not like men . May be useful . ( iwan )


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