Sunday, February 9, 2014

how to create a blog

how to create a blog Bandar Judi Poker Situs Poker Online Terpercaya

Before discussing about how to create a blog , it helps if we understand what the definition or understanding of the blog . When asked about the notion of blogs , everyone has a different answer , though the answer is different , the meaning of their answers certainly are not much different .definition Blog
According , a blog is a web site that allows users to write or post things the way they want with ease , ( without having to have knowledge of complex html ) and can be commented on by visitors . With the sequence of the reverse where the newest posts are at the top followed by a long inscription in tow . At first the blog only contains an online personal notes or diary owner , but today's blog topic has grown larger as a venue for sharing knowledge , such as education , health , technology and others . Even blogs have also been used as a medium for a company to get closer to customers and business partners . ( reference , )How to Create a Blog
According , there are two blogging services that have recognized his greatness by bloggers around the world . That Blogspot ( ; a service owned by Google ) and . But as the title of this article is how to create a blog on blogspot , so this article will discuss blogspot. For those of you who want to read wordpress guide please read here .
To further please follow the steps how to create a complete blog at the following:
1 . To start a blog on blogspot register please visit site address , then search for key Sign up ( list ) in the upper right corner , as shown belowhow to create a blog2 . After the sign up button is clicked , it will appear gooogle account creation registration application , as shown below . Please complete the application. The image below is an example of filling .
Explanation charging : in the Name , Fill your first name and your last name .
On the Choose your username , the contents in accordance with your wishes , this username will serve as your login email access to your blogspot dashboard and be able to login to Gmail . ( if the username is not available , tambahka numbers or letters on the back ) ,
In the Create a password , fill in your password (use the easy to remember ) , the Confirm your password please fill in the same password with Bandar Judi Poker Situs Poker Online Terpercaya

the password in the fields to create a possword earlier .
At birth day fill in your date of birth . On the Phone , fill with your mobile number , to Curent your email , just vacated . In type the two pieces of text , text typed two existing code on it . Furthermore, check the little box in the bottom two , and the last step click on the Next button .how to create a blog


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