Friday, March 28, 2014

How to grow tomatoes

There are many kinds of tomatoes. There is a small tomato fruit, there is also a large fruit. But in general, any type of tomato you want to plant, how about the same. This time the Q Gardens tomato plant tomato using ordinary village called rempai or rampe. Steps How Tomato cultivation consists of several stages, namely:
1. Seeding Stage Breeding tomato plants in the ground do before processing stage. Contrary to how to plant corn, where the seeds directly in the planting, to planting tomatoes, tomato seeds Seeding should be in advance. For seeds, select tomatoes healthy and fully ripe. Fruit is not wrinkled or deformed. Fruit seedling media using a mixture of soil and manure in the ratio of 2:1 and add approximately 1.5% NPK smooth. Prior to seedling tomato seeds should be disinfected by immersion into a solution of fungicide, so that microorganisms can cause disease die, only then sowing in the nursery. After the seeds germinate, and has a pseudo leaves numbered 2, remove the tiny seeds into plastic polybag seedlings that already contains media. To protect seedlings from rain water, preferably in the nursery to back lid. After the seeds grew and aged 7-10
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2. Soil Processing Stage As his case cultivation techniques in general, land preparation stage relates to the preparation of the land that will be planted tomatoes. Land preparation includes scarify the soil, manure, and other things that will certainly support the growth of tomato plants that bear maximal. Stages of land preparation for cultivation of tomatoes include:

Penggeburan land can be done by digging or plowing or mengaru,
Making beds, usually with width 120 cm, height 25 cm and width of the trench approximately 60 cm.
For soil pH below 6.5 should be done using a liming with dolomite with a dose of 200kg/ha
Fertilization initial use manure (40 t / ha) and NPK fertilizer (150 kg / ha) and mix with the soil medium until mixed average
Installation of PHP and manufacture mulch the planting hole with a distance of 60 cm x 60 cm.


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