Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ciri and Harvest Hosting Unlimited dan Domain Murah Terbaik di Indonesia

Ciri and Harvest Age harvested after 70-100 days after planting. Characteristics: fruit color changes, and the fruit begins to diminish the stem of the fruit can be picked (harvested).

JOKIBET.COM Agen Casino Online Terpercaya 3.6.2.Cara Harvest Fruit picking should be done when the weather is sunny so the fruit skin surface in dry conditions, and hold for penyimpananan or in the hands of the retailers. Should be done along with the watermelon cutting the stems. Agropolitan as a pilot area in West Aceh district. Local governments in an effort to accelerate the development and the development of the agricultural sector needs to build an Integrated Agribusiness Terminal (TAT), the development of this sector as a result of the interest of local farmers to undertake cultivation of these fruits (pineapple, lime, and others), if hasl excessive harvest, it is expected that the interest of investors to invest and cooperate with farmers in the field of marketing / storage of fresh fruits and results in terms of outcome processing (canning industry). According Ikhsan Semaoen in Renvile (1996:1) is an agri-business activities related to the agribusiness sector, including the companies agribusiness input suppliers (upstream-side industries), producer (agriculture-producing industry), agri-product processing (the downstream-side industries) and transportation services, financial services (agri-supporting industries). Agribusiness reserve the business-oriented nature of the business (business) which aims to make a profit (commercial oriented). Agribusiness is a agro-industry which includes industry related to agribusiness sector in the broad sense, which consists of itself agribusiness and other industries that support the upstream side (backward industry) and the downstream (forward industry). Meanwhile, according to Hosting Unlimited dan Domain Murah Terbaik di Indonesiae Tjakrawerdaya Subiakto Siagian Reville (1996:1), agribusiness generally contain the entire understanding of the operations related to the activities to produce and distribute inputs, activities for farm production, processing and marketing.

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