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Plant growth upright, strong, and uniform.

Milky F-1 (Cauliflower)
Plant growth upright, strong, and uniform. Flower-shaped dome and compact. White flowers with a diameter of 8-9 cm and 8-9 cm high. Weight 500 grams flower heat resistant, so it can be planted in the middle latitudes (400-800 m asl). Harvesting can be done at the age of 50-60 days after planting. Potential production of 15-17 tons per hectare.

4. Luna F-1 (Cauliflower)
Strong and uniform plant growth. Flower-shaped dome, compact and not hairy. Ivory white flowers with a diameter of 10-11 cm and 10-11 cm high. Weight flower 900-1000 grams. Suitable for planting in the highlands (1200-2000 m asl). Harvesting can be done at the age of 60-70 days after planting. Potential production of 25-30 tons per hectare.

C. Seed Preparation

1. Seeding Seeds

     Needs 250-300 grams of seed per hectare.
     Prepare the seedling medium with the following composition.
     - Sterile soil: 2-3 parts
     - Manure mature: 1 piece
     Mix the soil and manure, laluayak using sand sifter.
     Prepare "bumbungan" seedling, which is a kind of polybags but made ​​from banana leaves. The need for nursery 34000-35000 bumbungan fruit / ha. Here's how to make bumbungan.
     - Cut the banana leaf width of 5 cm.
     - Wrap the banana leaf hemisphere with a diameter of 4-5 cm, and then pinned to a stick to form a "tube" with a diameter of 4-5 cm and height 5 cm.
     Prepare nursery beds with a width of 100 cm and a height of 15-20 cm. On the sides of the beds in lengakapi the barrier of bamboo or wooden slats. Nursery should be open, easily supervised, away from the distractions of animals, such as chickens or dogs.
     Arrange bumbungan in nursery beds while filling seedling media into bumbungan.
     The day before the planting of seeds, seedling media in bumbungan watered Agrobost solution at a dose of 1 ml / l up to the bottom bumbungan moist.
     Planting the seeds one by one in the middle of the media bumbungan sequentially from end to end so that nothing is overlooked.
     Hoard bumbungan media surface with a layer of 0.5 cm thick seedling media.
     Close seedbed surface with sack, leaves linings, atauplastik for 3-4 days or until the seeds germinate.

JOKIBET.COM Agen Casino Online Terpercaya2. Care Nursery

     Buyka cover the nursery if the seeds have been germinated. Flush regularly to keep the medium moist seedbed.
     At the age of 15 days, pour solution at a dose of 1ml Agrobost / l of water.
     If found penyakitr attacks dumping off a wet spot on the base of the stem which causes the seed fall, seed fungicide Benlate spray at a dose of 1 g / l of water atauOrthocide with a dose of 3 g / l of water.
     Moving to cultivate seedlings (transplanting) after a minimum of three strands of true leaves, or 23-28 days old.

D. Preparation of land

     Remove weeds and previous crop residues from the field.
     If the soil pH is less than 5.0 did liming minimum 1 ton per hectare. As a benchmark, to raise the soil pH one point needed 2 tons of agricultural lime (dolomite / calcite).
     Plow or hoe to turn and break up soil aggregates soil.
     Create a simple raised bed in advance with width 90 cm, height 17-20 cm, and 40-50 cm wide ditch.
     Apply the first EMP technology with a dose of 2 liters per 400 Agrobost liters of water per hectare. Spray a solution of EMP on the left and right sides of beds (will row crops). When EMP applications, preferably in moist soil.
     Minimum three days after the application of EMP technology, perform basic fertilization with reference to the following dose.
     Spreading manure on the left and right side of the raised bed, then stir in the ground while breaking up the soil beds.
     Mix into four chemical fertilizers (Urea, ZA, SP-36, and KCL), then stocking as soon as possible on either side of the beds, as well as manure.

Stir fertilizer into the soil.
     Refine beds by digging ditches and stockpiled soil surface to the top of the beds (3-5 cm thick) beds tiggi up to 20-25 cm.


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