Saturday, December 21, 2013

Bagaimanakah Ciri Backlink yang Berkualitas?

pulau pari - How characteristic Backlink Qualified? A backlink is a link from another website or blog that leads to your blog. Backlink is an exceptional source points to gain ranking in Google. There are several characteristics to give value to a backlink, so let's look at them one by one:
Should not Nofollow Dofollow backlinks. A link is called if the link is dofollow backlink. If nofollow, then the link is not backlinks. Moreover, Google will completely ignore all links with rel nofollow tag in the calculation of points a page.
Many also say nofollow also give points. But after I read the source of the issue, and compare with their own experiences, I prefer Google's statement, that nofollow will not help any in terms of ranking.
Quality backlinks from authoritative site. It is something that is certainly very difficult to Jasa Pasang Iklan Tanpa Daftar get. The higher authority of a site of their more selective in choosing their link partners. You will be very lucky if there is a site with a PageRank 4 upwards and downwards 150,000 Alexa rank is pleased to give a link to you from the porch, especially on the sidebar.
Backlink Quality Of High Pagerank Home Page. Most lazy if you hear someone say get backlinks from high pagerank sites. Though the link is on a page that does not exist pageranknya. PR6 homepage useless, if your link is on a PR0 page of the blog. Because you are counted as points are points on the page and not the point of the homepage.
So do not need to put a backlink if it PR0 page? Remains necessary. PR0 page does not mean it's 0 points. It could be that the page is actually 0.5 points or whatever, if divided by the number of outbound link, and its value is still pretty good, then plug it.
Backlink Quality From Home With Little Outbound Links. Imagine if you are looking for a link from a page that already has over 300 links. That means that to get the points to be divided by 300 over the divider. Is divided equally? Of course not. It depends again on where the position of your link.
So if you are looking for a link from a web page, make sure you do not see too many links on the page. The number of links that can be received between 100-150 links, if it is more than that then its value would be very small. But small value so it will not matter if you are willing to find backlinks keindahan pulau pari that much.
Position Determining value. The value of a link that is placed in the position before the article is better than a link that is placed in the position after the article. Even if the link is right above A Link B, it will create a link A better value than the value of the link B. So lucky actors if the anchor text a link exchange beginning with the letter A. They will get more points than the user anchor text beginning with B, C, D, and so on.
Anchor Text Must Match Keyword. Of course this is very important in your SEO optimization. Keywords in the anchor text can be a very valuable vote points to a blog or website. So strong is the anchor text to a page without the word "Sewing Machine" can even become a champion on the word "Sewing Machine" when tens of thousands of anchor text that leads to a page that uses the word "Sewing Machines".
So that the characteristics of quality backlinks, but .... Just save it as knowledge. You will never have enough backlinks if you take into account all the above factors. Find A backlink is a lot and consistently every day. Of the many backlinks you get, there will be some pretty quality. At least 50% of the above factors can be attached to the backlinks-backlinks pulau pari seribu


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