Monday, December 23, 2013

Why Girls-Girls Do not Like Me?

Now he definitely impressed. I told you all about myself-my stuff, the places I went to, acquaintance-acquaintance. Surely, deh, she would if I take the road!
Ouch, really annoying, deh, this guy! How he understood well pengobatan alternatif  understand baseball, anyway? How ya get away without being considered rude?
YOU are mature enough for a relationship. You want to find an attractive girlfriend and sisters. (1 Corinthians 7:39) But, every time you want to start a relationship, fail again fail again. What is wrong? Are the women only looking for a handsome man? "That may well muscled, anyway," said a woman named Lisa. However, it is not only the most sought after women. "Children are not necessarily handsome good nature," said Carrie, 18 years.
Like what's good nature? If you want to get to know a woman, what factors should you consider? Principles Bible what should you remember?
First Step
Before you decide to hold the approach to a woman, there are some basic skills you need to learn, and this will help you make friends with anyone. Consider the following:
● Learn to be polite. The Bible says that love "does not apply disrespectful". (1 Corinthians 13:5) If you're impolite, it means you respect others and are developing attributes of Christ. But, good manners not like your suit to impress others then you come off upon arrival at home. Ask yourself,
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'Would I be polite to members of my family?' If not, sopanmu attitude to others outside the home would seem contrived. Remember, to find out what kind of person you really are, women are keen to observe how you treat members keluargamu.-Ephesians 6:1, 2.
What the women said: "I really like the guy manners in little things, like opening the door for me, and the big things, such as good and equal attention is not the same me, but also my family."-Tina.
"I hated it when there was a guy who just met already quasi-familiar, ask questions about the person, such as 'It's got a girlfriend?', And 'You intend to settle down?' That's baseball polite and I am so uncomfortable, deh!"-Kathy.
"I do not think the guy politely if they could go around playing with our emotions, our feelings baseball seems important and we are desperate to marry as to want to be pitied."-Alexis.
● Take care of personal hygiene. By maintaining the cleanliness of the body, ye honor not only others but also yourself. (Matthew 7:12) If you respect yourself, others will respect you. On the other hand, if you neglect personal hygiene, your effort to impress a woman will actually fall apart.
What the women said: "There was a guy who had a crush on me but his breath stinks. Nah resistant, deh. "-Kelly.
● Learn conversational skills. Basic long-lasting relationship is good communication. This means that your conversation is not just about material interests but also interests you friend. (Philippians 2:3, 4) You have to listen closely to what he says and you respect his opinion.
What the women said: "I was impressed that there was a smooth guy talking to me, if he remembered my words and can ask that the conversation continues to connect."-Christine.
"I think guys are interested in what is seen, but the girl is more interested in what is heard."-Laura
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"Glad to be given a gift anyway, but if he ngobrolnya good, if he can entertain us when we are sad again. . . Wow! That's just cool. "-Amy.
"There's that, my friends are polite and familiar baseball never pretentious. Chat with her fun, baseball and he never said 'You smell good, deh' or 'You're really pretty today'. He really listens when I talk, and any girl would love to be treated so. "-Beth.
"I definitely want a closer acquaintance with a guy who can be funny but also serious talk without sounding contrived."-Kelly.
● Be responsible person. The Bible says, "Each one will carry his own load." (Galatians 6:5) The woman is not going to be interested in people who moved around the work being lazy or because too often played.
What the women said: "They should be more responsible. I love baseball at the most random. The impression is good baseball. "-Carrie.
"There are people whose goal in life is clear baseball. If there is a woman who they love, they find out what he wanted, kept saying, 'How come we are the same ideals! "But, they are very different actions."-Beth.
By being a responsible person, as shown above, you will have many friends. But, once you feel ready to start a serious relationship with someone, what should you do?
Next Step
● Take the initiative. If you fancy someone that you think could be a good wife, you must tell him that you are attracted to him. When expressed, you should clearly and frankly. Yes, indeed it makes excited. You fear rejection. But, if you want to take the initiative, it's a sign you're an adult. But remember: This is not a marriage proposal. So, do not get too serious or pleading, because it can actually make a woman intimidated, not interested.
What the women said: "I do not know the contents of people's minds. So, if anyone wants a closer acquaintance, he should be honest and forthright. Just say directly. "-Nina.
"Indeed, heck, it feels awkward when people who had been friends now want to be a girlfriend. But, I'm more pleased that he immediately said he wanted to know me more closely, more than just friends. "-Helen.
● Respect her decision. What if your friend says he's not interested have a more serious relationship with you? Respect dignity. Realize that he is the most know the contents of his own heart, and believe that the refusal is not just hard to get. You look so immature that insisted on. If you do not want to get too-much less grumpy-interest who exactly are you thinking? Interests him or yourself? -1 Corinthians 13:11.
What the women said: "Irritated, me, if I've obviously tried to refuse but he still continues."-Colleen
"I already explained that I was interested in baseball at him, but he forced requested phone number. I, anyway, not want evil. Anyway, I have to respect him, had dared nyatain feelings. But, how else would. Finally I had to really firm with him. "-Sarah.
Which Don'ts
Some feel that it is easy to conquer a woman's heart. They even make the most intelligent race who captured the attention of women. However, such behavior is cruel and you will be branded a playboy. (Proverbs 20:11) So that is not so, you must pay attention to the following.
● Do not philander. People love to seduce like menggombal and using body language flirting. He had no intention of going out with honor. It was not in accordance with the Bible's advice that you should treat "younger women as sister with full purity". (1 Timothy 5:2, New International Version) People like that is definitely not a good friend, let alone a good husband. Women who are keen to know it.
What the women said: "I, heck, baseball would be interested at those who seduce us just last month when he wears the same seduction to our friends."-Helen.
"There is a cool guy who never seduce me, what he says about himself continues. Time another girl came, she seduce him as well. His words are similar! Then when it came another girl, she repeat the same words. Basic rag! "-Tina.
● Do not permainkan women's feelings. Do not think that the way you make friends with the same woman the way you make friends with him. Why? Just think: If you say to a friend that she just wear lelakimu new suit or you often confide in him, he may not have thought you had a crush on him. But, if you praise a woman's appearance or often confide in him, he might think you're attracted to him.
What the women said: "I think baseball guys understand that they should treat baseball like a girl friend boy friend."-Sheryl.
"There's a guy who asked for my phone number, then I can SMS from him. Well,. . . What's that mean? He just wants to be friends or want to invites going out? If he was just an SMS, it is clear baseball. "-Mallory.
"pasang iklan baris gratis tanpa daftar I think baseball guy if a girl is easy nyadar flowery feelings, especially if the guy was ignorant person and easy to talk to. Instead we were desperate to marry. But, I think it's natural that a girl wants to fall in love and looking for the right partner. "-Alison.


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