Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Shooting Tips Keyword / keyword Blogger

Shooting Tips Keyword / keyword Blogger - Hello blogger friends , how they say ..? Still can breath kah ..? HahaJ ( used to let a saucy smile ) , this time I will okeh menshare tips are certainly an important thing that you all who read this article would like to become a tentang pulau tidung master blogger / Blogger sukses.Tentu these tips are not familiar to you if you basically far enough acquainted with the world of bloggers , what is it ..? yap 100 for you ( though not in charge of what - apaJ ) the answer is keyword / keyword blog , if you want to create a blog that you should think about ahead of time is what keywords would you shoot in your blog , so your blog will have a clear topic since the early start to the end of life later . A
tips target keywords or keyword blog
So here if you want to have a blog that has a high tarffik customer and you also have your articles , then your focus to the topic of the blog that you shoot , because here the customers will continue to search for the article you - follow- up of your article , and tepelet was their customers with articles kita.JDan your articles , (I mean here is a customer visit or not the copaser loyal readers ) , will be waiting for the latest article updates from a previous blog subscribers anda.karena you 've presented the information they need in detail get to the root - akarnya.Namun before you target keywords would be nice if you research the keywords blog , how ..? ? here you can read it straight way keyword research blog .Well that important keyword selection blog , you do not proof-texted Mangkanya there keywords of your blogging adventure , but it can be a few months you will already clogged topic of the keywords you ambil.nah from there we can take the lesson that keyword selection should be based on research blog kunci.Oke said to shorten the time of let's start the tips , let's see how selangkapnya researched keywords / keyword blog.chekkidot
1 . Use the Keyword Tool
If you still do not pulau tidung indonesia find at all the views with the keyword or keywords that you take you can use keyword research tools that you can meet on the internet and free of course .. hahaJ.misalnya course you can use the keyword tool provided by Mbah google , ie Google Adwords keyword tool planner.dengan provided by the google you will be able to find out which keywords are the most sought after and which keywords are also medium -and rarely deserted alias in the search by people .

2 . Select keywords unique and interesting
But before you use the tips number one earlier , it would be nice if you try to specify a keyword which would you shoot , try the keywords or keyword is a keyword that is unique and menarik.misalnya you want to target keywords for example : " tips blogger "Of course it is not possible for you to take the same course as you will fight the big blogs in the world who would have use the keyword tersebut.namun if you modify the keywords with other keywords might be quite a bit of competition for example, you just add it to the Indonesian language keywords such as " blogger tips beginner " , of course there would be less competition for you to add keywords to the Indonesian and it would reduce competition for sure who took these keywords is just the Indonesia alone .

3 . Adjust your portions
Suppose you 've srek and confident with the keywords , but you should consider it with kemampun memtetap you in optimization SEO Optimization capability SEO.misalkan course you still petty then you never take the high competition keywords that belong to the tuna , because why . . ? ? here tuna is more expensive and it feels even more maknyoss .. ( loh. . tablets why even discuss yes fish .. hahaJ ) , I mean those of the tuna is the master blogger and SEO , if you are still determined to take the keyword the same as you kill it I make sure you will diri.dan waste of time and energy .

4 . blogwalking
These tips you can use when you are completely clogged with keywords that you would ambil.memang idea it is very expensive ..? ( Berapaan yak ..? ? What the discount tuh ga ..? HahahaJ ) . Then often you blogwalking -often with the idea that one day will be crossed by itself in your mind and you need kalu can ask the owner of your blog that you can kunjungi.atau also often hang out in discussion forums .Well that was probably a few tips to target keyword / pulau tidung keyword Blogger of me hopefully this article can be useful ... okay happy blogging.J


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