Sunday, June 1, 2014

Many types of basil that is grown locally is not

Many types of basil that is grown locally is not yet clear type names / varieties . Look quite lush plants . Light green colored leaves . White flowers less attractive . When the flowering dibiarkari less leaf growth and plant tends to get old and die easily .

Basil ( Ocimum canum ) is more often us  Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercayaed as a salad . There also are used as a mixture of certain vegetables . This vegetable has a fragrant aroma and distinctive taste . Not many farmers who seek basil in a large scale , the only piece of land only. This is because the value of commercial vegetables basil is still low .

Terms Growing
Basil does not require complicated requirements grow . It can be said all regions in Indonesia can be planted basil . Clearly the soil is acidic . Basil is also tolerant to hot or cold weather . The difference is only a result of climate tanacnan slightly different appearance . Planted basil leaves in cold regions is wider and greener . Medium basil leaves in a hot area of small , thin , and pale green colored .
Cultivation Guidelines
Basil seeds propagated by seeds . Seeds obtained from the ripe fruit on the stem of basil . Old seed traits that are colored - black and dry . Basil seeds should be sown before planting. Nursery ground for processed until crumbly . Mix with a little manure . If the soil is too sticky add sand . Then sprinkle the basil seeds and cover with a thin layer of soil . Take care of the plants that have been grown in the nursery . Plants that are too tight is reduced . Unplug the growth of plants that are weak or interrupted . After about 4 weeks old the young plants can be moved to the land already . Basil seed requirement for planting one hectare of land about 2-5 kg . Planting basil is usually grown in beds - beds . Sized beds with a lengt Agen Judi Poker dan Domino Uang Asli Indonesia h of 1-1 m in the size of the land . Before planting , the beds given manure . Made between beds 35 cm wide irrigation ditch . Basil plant spacing is 50 x 50 cm or 60 x 60 cm . Make a small planting hole , which is important young plants can go in and not crowded .


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