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Pingpong Longan Longan is a type that has a size large

Pingpong Longan Longan is a type that has a size large enough to be equated with ping pong balls, meat medium, large seeds, sweet, bubbling is not as dense Longan Diamond River. Longan Diamond River has a smaller size than Longan Pingpong, thick flesh, small seeds, sweet taste, the fruit is more dense than kelengkeng Pingpong.
Agen Bola IndonesiaLongan varieties Pingpong and Diamond River, according to some literature, can be planted in wet climates, rather wet and temperate, with rainfall between 1500 mm-3000 mm per year. In addition Pingpong and Diamond River longan, litchi there are also other varieties that are adapted to the lowland climates, ie: longan Itoh or Edaw. This type is known as longan Bangkok Super. Longan fruit has the size of a ping-pong ping-pong ball that is equal privilege. Longan varieties from Vietnam pingpong area around the Mekong delta and southeastern parts of Vietnam known as Xuongcomvang. Like his brother kelengkeng kind Diamond river, the pingpong Longan is native to tropical regions. This is what distinguishes the Itoh (E-daw) which is a subtropical plant.
Longan pingpong memilikiki several advantages when compared with other kelengkeng so it is suitable to be cultivated. In addition to growing in lowland longan fruit pingpong has a large size of ping pong balls. From the age of longan fruit can quickly ping pong at age 1.5 years old can begin to bear fruit. When other fruits on average once a year to bear fruit, longan fruit can pingpong more than once in a year. Arguably Pingpong Longan fruit with not knowing the season because the fruit can grow from the branches alternately. For urban communities that have limited land, longan pingpong can be grown on less land, even in medium pot. With some of these advantages make longan pingpong be sufficient mengiurkan agribusiness potential.
There are actually four types of longan is suitable to be planted in the
Agen Bola Tangkas lowlands are Pingpong Longan, Longan Diamond River, Longan Longan Crystalline and Itoh. Longan Longan Diamond river is coming from China while the Crystalline and Itoh Longan from Thailand. In terms of size Longan fruit has the greatest size and age the most fruitful short.

When this has been a lot of people who do longan cultivation ping pong, anyone doing pingpong longan cultivation and collection only as a hobby course, there are indeed serious tetapin at it as a commercial enterprise. One who pursue pingpong longan cultivation as a business venture is Mr. Suroyo Hadisaputro, he is Chairman of Farmers Group Superior Seed is located at Rt 02 Rw 01, Village Pecan Purworejo Paitan District of Central Java Tel. 0275 333 9789 Hp. 081 2271 4666 4. Pingpong longan seeds sown and cultivated a variety of sizes.
The seedlings obtained from trees planted in Magelang breeders originally from Vietnam. Now Mr. Suroyo already sells longan seeds to various corners of the country. Buyers besides come directly and buy anywhere there is also asked in between until the destination. Until now Mr. Suroyo always flooded with orders longan seeds. Price pingpong longan seed varies considerably depending on its size, for example, to the size of 15 cm to 20 cost 20 thousand
Roller Blindsto that derived from seeds originating from grafting while measuring 60 cm at 30 thousand. The advantages of grafting seedlings is faster than seedlings from seed to fruition, so the more favored buyers.


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