Sunday, June 8, 2014

Once the enclosure is built, the next step to prepare

  Once the enclosure is built, the next step to prepare the bird breeders Murai Batu. Look for adult male and female birds are ready to mate and healthy. Price Murai Batu pair that is ready to mate ranged from 2.5 to 5 jt jt rupiah rupiah. A bit pricey indeed, but with proper maintenance can be directly productive birds.
Agen Judi Online    Eggs incubated mother for two weeks. Puppies maintained its parent birds usually left up to the age of about one week. At that time, puppies bird is considered to be able to digest the food itself and the feathers were already grown. Puppies ready bird then separated from its mother.
Puppies are usually given tangkar bird ring on his feet. Then, puppies are kept in separate cages. Keep in intensive care so that the birds do not starve puppies, sick, or even die. To reduce the risk of death of birds tillers, cultivators usually give babies extra vitamins, and heated enclosure.
While the parent, after separated from her child, would soon spawn usually after about one or two weeks.
How Raising Murai Batu, Murai Batu breeding, breeding Murai BatuGrowing Business Opportunities Murai Batu Bird very good prospects as well as voice booms melodious humming bird stone also has a fairly high resale value. Each of the tail-old male magpie 1 week, priced at Rp 750 thousand to $ 1 million, this course is a hefty price for a small bird. This is what makes The Growing Business Opportunities Murai Batu Bird outlook is very promising.
Most breeders have experienced this, breeders stone magpie eating their own eggs, can broodstock breeding males or females, many causes that could be a determinant of the occurrence of which I have ever investigated:

Taruhan Bola Online1. Broodstock age is too young yet so mature for production. Mated risks are still too young breeders, the breeders usually tends to be unstable and immature to take care of the child.
2.Indukan entering estrus too fast after laying process occurs. This is usually common in male breeders, male breeders were too lust tends to randomize ngacak nest and peck eggs, separate the males TSB solution and reduce EF and other factors that trigger lust as in away from females, reduce drying etc. so that when in Match the lust will be in control. If the female is too fast breeders lust usually reluctant to incubate the eggs and tend to peck the eggs as well.
3. Existence of predatory bu
Agen Judi Bolallies. Lots of nuisance animals that frequent visits to the nest MB including the Red Ants, Lizard, Lizard / Bengkarung, mice and cockroaches sometimes even kodokpun often get into the cage MB although not up


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